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tp3 Roadmap

typo3 LTS Versionen Releases von tp3 
~ 3-6 Monate später


Aktualisierung des Core und aller vorinstallierten Erweiterungen von tp3. Bei eigenen Entwicklungen lässt sich der Aufwand nicht immer gut einschätzen.

  • Typo3 Core & tp3 Extensions

  • Anpassungen

  • Server System (Ubuntu)

Durch unsere regelmäßige Aktualisierung des Systems brauchen Sie sich um die Zukunft keine Sorgen machen. 

Incredible flexible

More than 6.000 extensions like News, RealURL for sophisticated URL generation of pages, or Grid Elements expand the TYPO3 base functionality. Published by world-class developers around the world. And your independence? Guaranteed by 1.800 agencies. Thus keeps your CMS flexible and your investments save.

6.000 Extensions and Counting

TYPO3 is an extremely modular system that can be easily enhanced with custom extensions. All TYPO3 sites are built on top of the TYPO3 core, which contains the systems' fundamental functionality. Custom extensions interact with the core through the stable, clearly documented extension API. While the TYPO3 core does change in each new release, the interfaces between extensions and the core do not, ensuring easy updates and future-proof development.

The TYPO3 Extension Manager

TYPO3 relies on the TYPO3 extension manager - included in the TYPO3 core - for installing, activating, and deactivating extensions on a given TYPO3 installation. Extensions can be quickly imported and installed with just a couple clicks in the TYPO3 Admin Interface.